As good as new new

Very few people have the funds required to be able to buy the same high-end trainers multiple times, instead, bring your favourite trainers to NEWNEW so we can make your old trainers, new again!
About us

We offer a luxury shoe valeting service for sneaker heads and luxury shoe lovers.

We communicate

As a business we pride ourselves on communication. We continually keep you updated on the progress of your shoes, so you can relax and feel at ease. We also have members of our team available and responsive at all times to help you with any queries relating to our service.

We’re passionate

Our love of shoes has led us into researching the best techniques in shoe valeting, to make sure that your shoes are looking back to their best. We are always seeking new and improved ways to make sure that your shoes are getting the best care there is available!

We have high standards

We examine your shoes in great detail, this enables us to establish which valeting techniques will be most effective. Customer satisfaction is paramount, therefore all shoes are quality checked on completion to ensure we have gone above and beyond the customers expectations.

As a business we’re making steps towards becoming one of the biggest shoe cleaning brands in the UK, whilst also giving back to those less fortunate.

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